Tag: Earwax Problem

March 3, 2018

Being ear, nose, and throat specialists, we need to broach the topic of earwax with our Anchorage patients from time to time. It always starts with a simple truth: We all have earwax, some more than others. But did you know that earwax is actually good for your ears, and it keeps your ears clean?  Earwax, or cerumen, traps dust, dirt, and sometimes bugs. It’s held together by oil and wax from glands living in your ear canal. The wax also protects the inner ear and can stop bad bacteria from growing in the ear.

You can have too much earwax, though. Some medications, stress, and vigorous exercise will cause your body to make too much earwax. Also, your body will make more wax as you get older. For many people, earwax comes out by itself. Sometimes, the twists and turns of the ear canals can trap wax, particularly in patients with smaller canals. In these cases, it cannot easily come out. It can also clog up a perfectly fine hearing aid. Wax can also become trapped in your ear if, for example, you wear earbuds that block the way out. Whatever the cause, trapped earwax makes it hard to hear.

You can hurt your hearing and ears by trying to get rid of earwax at home. Most people do not know how