Sinus Care


No single surgical technique has bought about such a dramatic changes in attitude towards an entire field of surgery like functional endoscopic surgery (FESS) for sinus diseases. By targeting the disease cause, rather than the effect, and by preservation of normal anatomical structures as far as possible, FESS surgery has given great comfort for patients suffering from disease of the paranasal sinuses.

In MAHAVIR ENT, these principles are carefully adhered to. First, an accurate diagnosis is made with diagnostic endoscopy and lung function tests to eliminate or treat the allergy component that predisposes to most sinus diseases. With this, a lot of unnecessary surgery is avoided and patients who are cured of allergy find a dramatic difference in the quality of their lives. If, even after this treatment, surgery would be necessary, we have the most modern equipment to make this as painless as possible. Advanced Storz range of endoscopes including the 70 degree scopes, top-end storz instruments, high end storz three chip cameras dedicated to FESS, Medtronic XPS 3000 debrider systems with endodrills and dedicated coblator probes make this the only facility in south east rajasthanso extensively equipped. Considering that we treat more patients successfully with medical methods rather than surgery, we are too well-equipped, but we stand by our policy that no stone is unturned to give you top-class, safe, effective surgery should you require it.

Our patients are back to work the very next day, and postoperative care is minimum, almost non-existent. This is precisely what other techniques like balloon sinuplasty offer, but at a much higher cost, and serious limitation in treating all sinus diseases.