Oral Health & its necessity

September 2, 2017
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Our body has many different parts and all parts are important. The care and health of every part are important. In this topic, we are talking about oral health.

Oral health is as necessary and important as we are taking care of our other parts of the body. In fact mouth (oral) is very important. The mouth does various things in order to keep the body healthy.

Whatever we eat, we eat through our mouth. That means whatever we intake goes through our mouth. And if the mouth is not hygiene or healthy all the germs from our mouth will go into our stomach. You have to take care of your teeth and gums, if you are not caring your teeth and gums it leads to bad breath and it can even lead to a problem in stomach, liver and other worst disease.

The bacteria and germs in our mouth can destroy our health. Even doctors say that if you have a problem in your teeth it can affect your eyes too. And bad breath always leaves bad impression towards any other person. You can survive and you can be healthy if your other parts like hand or foot are injured but if your mouth is not healthy it is even very difficult. And as we all know the drastic tooth pain.

We can take care of our oral health in many ways and we should do those small things by which we can increase our health.

We should do brushing our teeth daily, two times brushing is common and every doctor advises you this. The consumption of alcohol also leads to bacterial infection. The people who are addicted to alcohol and smoking are more prone to problems in their mouth. Because the tobacco consumption in any way contributes to many oral diseases, including oral cancer, gum problems, tooth decay and other related diseases.

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