Know about Bumps or Ulcer in Mouth

March 3, 2018

About Bumps or Ulcer in Mouth
Mouth bumps are painful blisters, which appear inside the mouth. They usually appear red or yellow in color and it is quite different from a cold sore, which affects the outer lips. It occurs as a result of poor health conditions and unhealthy diet. Most of the times, mouth bumps may recover on its own, but it is highly recommended to consult a doctor if the problem persist for a longer period of time.

If an individual is having multiple mouth ulcers, then he/she is more susceptible to ‘recurrent aphthous stomatitis’. There are several types of sores or mouth bumps, which could appear anywhere in the mouth. Gums, inner cheeks, tongue and lips are some of the common spots where ulcers may appear. The symptoms of an ulcer could vary from one individual to another.Best ENT, Laser treatment for mouth ulcer available at Mahavir ENT Hospital, kota.

Types of mouth bumps or ulcers and their treatments

A mouth bump or ulcer is usually caused due to the following factors:

  • Passive smoking.
  • Consuming hard foods: Consuming salty and spicy foods could lead to mouth ulcer in your mouth. It is advisable to avoid the intake of these kinds of foods and make sure that you regulate the temperature of your drink and food as well.
  • Papilla Inflammation:Mouth ulcer or bumps which are caused by inflamed papilla affects the taste buds. Consuming hot drinks or food may cause the papilla to be inflamed. This kind of ulcers usually recovers on its own. If necessary, an individual can resort to pain relievers such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen. It can also be treated by preventing injuries to your tongues and make sure you do not consume any hot food or hot drinks.
  • Canker sore:Canker sore appears yellow in color containing a reddish outer ring. Even though it is painful, it is not infectious. It is caused mainly due to hormonal changes, weakened immune system along with insufficient minerals and vitamins in your system. This type of ulcer also recovers on its own. Topical medications like Anbesol would be very helpful to alleviate the pain to a large extent. Rinsing your mouth thoroughly with salt water or mouthwash will soothe your pain.
  • Mucous Cysts:It is a type of mouth bumps, which appears on the inner part of your lips without affecting the top portion of your mouth. These are a painless cyst which usually ruptures on its own.

When to consult an ENT Doctor?

An individual is required to consult an ENT Doctors during the following circumstances

  • If the mouth bumps or ulcers in your mouth appear to be bigger and lasts for more than two weeks.
  • If large white patches appear on your tongue as well as on the top portion of your mouth which might be caused due to an infection.
  • If an individual has, bumps along with symptoms such as illness, having trouble in swallowing, skin rash and drooling

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