Head and Neck Cancer

Non healing ulcer or growth in tongue or oral cavity should be dealt seriously. Often on ENT examination it comes out to be tumor of oral cavity of neck or oral cavity.

Biopsy of suspected lesion is first investigation to be done on ENT examination. It helps in early diagnosis of disease and appropriate treatment further.

Appropriate First treatment is best treatment for cancer. People don’t understand this. Alternative therapies are not proven scientifically and hence very dangerous to even try in matter of life and death.

White patches in mouth and reduced mouth opening is termed pre malignant. It means it has capacity to turn into cancer if causative factors are not withdrawn. Causative factors are excessive smoking, spicy foods, sharp tooth causing trauma in oral cavity, alcohol abuse, STD’s like syphilis.

Dr. Vineet Jain says, Mahavir ENT is equipped with CO2 laser for removal of premalignant lesions .procedure is day care and patient is discharged from hospital within few hours and further minimal restriction of food. Ofcourse causative agents needs to be avoided for life.

Dr. Naveen Sharma, Honorary consultant oncosurgeon at Mahavir ENT is of opinion that Head and neck cancer is usually curative, provided it is presented in early stage. Later stage of cancer is frought with complications and usually with low life expectancy.