Adenoidectomy and Tonsillectomy

Recurrent sore throats and nose infection in children often thought of yet another infectionmay sometime have some other reason.

According to Dr. Vineet Jain, director, Mahavir ENT , Kids having recurrent nose blocks and snoring at night need complete ENT evaluation. Often is it is because of chronic infection of tonsils or enlarged adenoids. According to standard guidelines- if child suffers from recurrent tonsillitis for 3-4 times in a year or child has difficulty swallowing or mouth breathing at night, then tonsils and adenoids needs to be evaluated for adeno tonsil resection surgery..

Gone are the days when this surgery was frought with excessive bleeding or risk of life . Now with modern equipments like microdebrider and coblation, it has become day care procedure and extremely safe for kids.

Dr. Vineet Jain says Mahavir ENT is equipped with COBLATION plasma equipment, one of the most advanced equipment presently in world for surgery of tonsil and adenoids. It is completely bloodless and safe. Patient is discharged same day.